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Auto Electric Repair

Battery light on? Volt meter running low? We can repair, rebuild, or replace your vehicle’s alternator. Your alternator is the primary component in your charging system responsible for maintaining system voltage & charging the battery. Cascade recommends testing your alternator annually as part of a comprehensive electrical checkup.

Slow crank? No crank? You may have starter trouble. The starter is the main component in the starting system responsible for cranking the motor for startup. Short trips & in-town driving with multiple starts & stops can be rough on starters. Low batteries can also be hard on your starter by causing premature starter brush failure.

For older vehicles including heavy equipment and farm equipment equipped with a generator instead of an alternator, come to Cascade. We can service charging systems in older heavy equipment and are deeply knowledgeable about these types of systems.

We service DC motors used in hydraulic systems, winch systems, etc. If you suspect your DC motor is in need of service, contact Cascade for an electrical diagnosis & repairs.

Cascade performs custom rebuilding of critical components in your charging & starting system including alternators, starters, and, on older vehicles and equipment, generators. Rebuilding results in a very high-quality unit and is ideal for use in situations where either a part is no longer readily available on the market, or when mass-produced remanufactured or after-market parts won’t meet your quality needs.

Trailer lights or brakes not working? Auxiliary battery losing charge? Cascade works on both towing vehicles & trailers to address all your towing & hauling applications, from camping to construction.

Changed the bulb, but that light still won’t work? The problem could be anything from a poor connection, a poor circuit, or a blown fuse. Cascade can positively identify and fix the cause of your issue. Of course, Cascade also carries a wide variety of automotive bulbs to fit your auto needs, or if we don’t stock it, we can order it.

Window won’t go down or your remote key fob acting up? Many common power accessory failures are due to a module malfunction. However, switches, motors, or actuators could also be the root of the issue. By having Cascade identify the cause of the issue as opposed to trial and error, you can save a lot of time, and potentially a lot of money on parts.

We frequently hear from customers whose AC is blowing hot air. Sometimes the system blows no air at all. Whether your system is manual, or a climate control system, we will trace and repair the problem and have you warmed up (or cooled down!) in no time.

Cascade Auto Electric can address electrical system issues, not only on your car or truck, but on vehicles & equipment of all kinds: from your tractor, to your boat, to heavy-duty construction equipment.

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