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Auto Electrical Diagnostics

A computerized scan can tell you what’s not working: we can tell you why it’s not working, solving even the most mystifying of electrical system failures. Our pinpoint tests diagnose the root cause of electrical system issues that computerized scan tools can only identify. Charging & starting system issues are often the result of wiring problems, issues with your alternator, or failure of an internal or external voltage regulator. After identifying the cause of your charging & starting system issues, Cascade is properly equipped with the knowledge & tools to fix it.

The symptom of a parasitic draw is a dead battery. Parasitic draws are often improperly addressed by battery replacement, when the real issue is something in the vehicle which doesn’t turn off properly and slowly drains the battery over time. Battery failures due to parasitic draws are intermittent, with days or months in between battery failure occurrences. For instance if your car starts readily when you are driving it daily, but fails to start after periods of not being driven, you should test for a parasitic draw. So before you pick up the jumper cables, pick up the phone & call Cascade. Accurate electrical diagnostics for a parasitic draw can save you time and money.

Whether on factory-installed tow systems or after-market tow systems, electrical issues with your tow system can manifest as malfunctioning trailer brakes or trailer lights, or even as a low battery . It takes more than a computerized scan to accurately diagnose electrical problems with your tow package. Cascade’s pinpoint tests coupled with our many years of experience working on tow systems can get to the heart of your tow system issues. Call us so we can get you & your trailer on the road safely and in perfect working condition.

Dim lights? Lights working intermittently? Installing auxiliary lighting correctly requires forethought & planning. Our diagnostic work on lighting often pinpoints improperly designed circuits or incorrectly installed equipment as the root cause. Sometimes bad connections resulting from poor quality connectors can be at the heart of symptoms with your lighting issues. Call Cascade to have our auto electrical diagnostics shed some light on the subject of issues with your vehicle’s headlights, tail lights, brake lights, or any type of after-market auxiliary lighting.

A frequent mis-diagnosis of problems with power accessories like windows, seats, or mirrors is motor failure. But more often than not, a power accessory failure, such as power windows that go down & won’t go up can be a problem with wiring or a switch. If you are experiencing issues with power accessories in your vehicle you can save money by getting diagnostics before replacing expensive parts without certain as to the real cause of the problem.

Diagnosing short circuits & blown fuses is a matter of tracing the power distribution until the problem is identified. Short circuits are usually the result of a blown fuse, which is in turn is often the result of a shorted component or a wire-to-wire short in the harness, or alternatively, a wire-to-ground short. Using tracing equipment we identify the problem circuit then follow the electrical diagrams to isolate the appropriate section of the harness. Sometimes, we may even need to disconnect a section of the harness to perform accurate diagnostics of short circuits and blown fuses.

Many, perhaps most, issues with your vehicle’s heating & air conditioning systems have electrical malfunction as a root cause. Electricity controls the blower and air door systems in your vehicle’s climate control. Malfunctioning blower controllers & air door controllers can show up as the heater or ac not working at all, blowing air all the time, or only working one speed. Electrical failure is also the cause of a defroster running all the time, or not receiving any air out of the dash. We also have the ability to address AC & heating issues stemming from vacuum system malfunction.

Is your air bag light on? Your vehicle’s air bag module constantly runs a diagnostic when your ignition switch is in the “on” position. And while your vehicle’s computer can tell you when there is a problem, Cascade can tell you the why. Your vehicle’s air bag light could be illuminated as a result of anything from a clock spring problem to a failed module failure. Don’t let issues with this critical safety component go un-diagnosed – see Cascade if your air bag light is on.

No-starts can be complicated to repair for those not familiar with automotive wiring. Absent an accurate diagnosis, you risk unnecessary replacement of various expensive components. So get to the bottom of the problem before attempting to solve it by using Cascade’s accurate diagnostic services.


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