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Auto Electric Services for Commercial & Municipal Fleets

Installing auxiliary lighting correctly requires forethought & planning. We install all types of auxiliary lighting and signalling devices needed by commercial and municipal fleets.

We install and service communications equipment in fleet vehicles, such as dispatch consoles, in-vehicle wireless communications devices, and other fleet-management solutions.

Whether working on police cars to delivery trucks, we are the leading provider of automotive electrical services for municipal & commercial fleets in Central Oregon. We install any necessary electronic equipment – from a simple laptop & printer for a delivery van to complex systems such as those required by police departments. We install all the necessary accompanying cabling, antennaes, etc., ensuring the power distribution & timing of your electrical system is set up to work compatibly with your auxiliary equipment.

We can help your resolve issues with your bucket truck or manlift. Issues with such equipment is usually either electrical or hydraulic in nature, and we work closely with our neighboring hydraulic specialist to ensure optimal bucket and manlift repair service.

We can design & install auxiliary battery systems according to the requirements of commercial fleets. Auxiliary battery systems can run interior lightning & provide a reserve to draw from, protection the starting battery. Auxiliary batteries can also allow you to run power equipment / tools without affecting the starting battery. We install all types of auxiliary batteries – from small sealed batteries to huge 8D batteries used for bucket trucks, manlifts, etc.


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