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Custom Wire Harness Build Table

Cascade Auto Electric is proud to have our new, custom built wire harness table up and running! Our new build table helps us put together a wide variety of custom wire harnesses for cars, trucks, boats, and any other vehicle that needs a custom wire harness made.

The wire in the wire harness build table is all TXL. TXL wire is a crossed link wire which will handle temperatures up to 125 degrees C or 257 degrees F(standard automotive wire is good to 185 degrees F). It also has a higher abrasion resistance and a thinner insulation for smaller bundles. We stock 20 gauge through 10 gauge in 14 colors.

Our custom built table also features two Snap-On toolboxes to store our crimpers and crimp dies. All of the wire pulls through to one end through guides built into the table. The guides are all clearly labeled by wire gauge so it’s easy for us to make sure we’re using the right size and color of wire every time we make a custom wire harness for your vehicle

If you’re interested in having a custom build table like this for your business give us a call at 541-389-7447. We’d love to help design and build one that’s perfect for your shop.

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